Good teaching on woman teaching

Here is one of the best sermons you will ever hear on the role of woman in the Church.

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Word of Faith – Quick thought


If one believes that they are healed and are positively confessing such and they die, how can they really trust that their sins are forgiven for sure if they think they are definitely supposed to be healed and it does not manifest?

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Apologetic Snippets – Eternal Life

Eternal Life is something you can possess but also something you can lose. You see, it is the Life that is eternal, not the fact that you possess it. I can hold on to a cup but if I put it down, I know longer have it.

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I can’t even walk (without you holding my hand)

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Life more abundantly?

What exactly is life more abundantly? The “Health and Wealth” gospel would want you to believe that it means you should be good to go in every area of your life; Lots of money, healthy body, happy, good relationships, etc. etc.

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The Greatest Danger in the Church today!

This is without a doubt the greatest danger facing the Church today.

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Abortion a choice or murder?

Check out the movie below for free on the subject of abortion;

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The Truth about Islam

Think what ya want about Jimmy Swaggart, this isn’t about him. He has guest Brigitte Gabriel on his program to talk about things she has personally dealt with in regards to Islam. Its worth the listen.

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Fight Church

If you haven’t seen the documentary Fight Church,¬†check it out. I seen it on Netflix. But you can also rent it on YouTube.

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Motivation Monday – His Mercy is real.


There is unending confusion within Christianity.

It can be really frustrating.

People will say you haven’t done enough.

Or aren’t good enough.

Etc, etc, etc.

But remember, the thief on the cross was a piece of garbage. And the Lord showed him mercy when he was unable to do anything about his situation.

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