Safe Arm Exercises you can do with a PICC line


If you have the unfortunate opportunity to have a PICC line put in your arm for whatever reason, this can really hamper an exercise routine that is possibly already hampered from something else (considering you have a PICC line, no doubt there is another issue.) Good thing is that there are some safe exercises you can still do if you have one.

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Motivation Monday 8 – Jesus


There is nothing more motivating than knowing the hope that comes through Jesus Christ.

The visible manifestation of the invisible God, Jesus brings hope like nothing else can. He brings eternal hope. Everything in this life is for temporary fulfillment. To reach into the eternal, that must be done through Jesus alone.

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Weightlifting Hand Care

If you lift lots of heavy weights, than this video will come in handy (no pun intended). I am sure this would also help people who work with their hands a lot too.

Donny Shankle is a 5 time US National Champion Weightlifter.

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A day in the life of a Stay at Home Mom


Going from a business women who loves to interact with others on a regular basis, to a stay at home mom who may not see anyone other than my husband or daughter for a week or two at a time, took some getting use to.

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Motivation Monday 7


“You must plan for success, not hope to get there by chance.” – Tom Platz

“It is not enough to just show up.” – Dr. Cha

“If there is no challenge or resistance, there is no goal. All three aspects of self (Spirit, Mind, and Body) must evenly and consistently participate for success in any goal, challenge, risk or want.” – Dr.

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Why me Lord?

I ain’t no Kris Kristofferson, but I love this song and can relate to the words 100%. Its hard to believe how good the Lord has been to me through the years. Cause I don’t deserve it.

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Stop wasting your life.

 Hurlburt_Field_motorcycle_safety_rally_140411-F-RS318-303Constantly “saving up” or continuously looking to the future and doing jack all in the meantime is no life to live.

People call you crazy when you have a thought to do something and actually do it. It’s because deep down inside they wish they had what it took to do things considered “crazy”.

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Monday Motivation 6 – Leave the hospital


I just spent the last few days in the hospital and am being discharged this morning. I am feeling pretty pumped and was already working on a new workout routine for when I get out. That’s not what this post is about though.

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Motivation Monday 5 – Waste no time.

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Old School 3 Day Split Routine

Army Sgt. Antwan Byrd, competes in the deadlift category of Saturday’s power-lifting competition, pushing for an impressive 600+ pounds, the highest of the day.

Here is an Old School 3 Day Split Routine that is basically what my Uncle has used for the last 40-45 years. Obviously the Sets and Reps will change overtime depending on whether you are going for an all out set or not, etc.

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